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Check Out Some of Headz n Threadz' Clients!

We've been called one of University City Loop's top ten best places to shop. Our clients include The St. Louis Rams (team plus cheerleaders), Tommy Russo Gourmet Catering and Joe Baccardi Restaurants. We're happy to sponsor the Springfield Cardinals and St. Louis Cardinals. We uphold our reputation with pride and strive to deliver value to clients every time.

As you can see, we enjoy the respect and patronage of the MO community, and for good reason! If you haven’t visited our store yet, we invite you over to explore your options. We promise your experience will be an enjoyable and a rewarding one…….

Flaunt Custom Embroidered Apparel from Headz n Threadz

There's something unique and elegant about embroidery that cannot be replicated by other craft forms. Embroidered designs look great on just about any kind of apparel. They even complement every demographic, from alpha males and cheerleaders to tiny tots and high-level executives. If you have worn custom embroidered apparel, you'll know what we're talking about. If you haven’t, we can help you experience the difference! As a custom embroidery specialist, Headz n Threadz excels at offering high-quality apparel tailored perfectly to your needs. Whether you seek to be a walking billboard for your marketing campaign with a full-fledged custom look or have a one-off requirement for headwear customization only, talk to us.

  • Advanced tools, techniques and digitizing software for best results  - Headz n Threadz Knows leverages its excellent resources to exceed your expectations
  • We are a full-service custom apparel provider in the truest sense of the phrase. We can embroider polo shirts, caps, hats, t-shirts, aprons sweatshirts, and jackets to name a few. Whatever your piece of clothing and whatever your custom design requirements, we are confident of providing you a fantastic solution!
  • Our services are flexible - you can choose our range of customizable apparel from top brands or have your own workwear/sportswear/personal wear customized at Headz n Threadz.
  • Creativity abounds at Headz n Threads. Our team of skilled graphics artists masterfully creates the look and feel you seek. We also re-create the logo or design you want flawlessly with the magic of embroidery.
  • Quality workmanship is a given at Headz n Threadz. Our design experts are exactly that; they can transform ideas and visuals into embroidered works of art.

What type of embroidery can we help you with? Besides embroidering your company logo to creating and personalizing monograms, puff 3-d embroidery and made-to-order patches are our other services.

What about our prices? Our competitive pricing means we can accommodate both big and small budgets without quality compromises. With embroidery prices charged per stitch, you're looking at an affordable package indeed!

The Headz n Threadz team can help you choose the apparel you want custom embroidered, and assist you along every step of the way. Discuss your customization and budget needs with us, and we'll suggest matching solutions in no time at all.

Give Away Promotional Products that Enhance Your Brand Image

The quality of your promotional items at trade shows and marketing events has a bearing on your brand image while the level of brand personalization will decide how long your customers and target audience will remember you! We can help you kill two birds with one stone through solidly crafted promotional items like mouse pads, pens, stickers and sports items that can be customized in line with your marketing needs.

Say it with Compelling Custom Signage

Simple yet highly-effective, signage has remained a popular advertising solution and will continue to remain so. We can provide you with signs that create the desired impact and present your brand attractively. Regardless of your industry, we can craft eye-catching graphics and display your promotional message such that they remain etched in your target audience's mind for a long, long time!

Love it, Hate it, But You Can't Ignore It

What are we talking about? Blinged out Swarovski headwear and apparel of course! Nothing like a bit of razzle dazzle to catch someone's eye. Hip-hop artists swear by them and the cool crowd wants them. And we can provide 'em so you can up your style quotient on the cool-o-meter! Headz n Threadz knows how to add stunning Swarovski® crystals to fabric and grab eyeballs swiftly and surely.

Our Crystalwear product line was designed with the mission to give clients a customization option that enables uninhibited freedom of expression and make an indelible impact without trying too hard. You don’t have to earn a million bucks to look like a million bucks - our bling solutions offer the right mix of artistry and affordability to create one-of-a-kind, special crystal-embedded apparel. With over 50 colors in crystals to choose from, and the choice to bling out everything from your humble cap to your feisty lingerie, you're really spoilt for choice at Headz n Threadz.

Make an Impact with Screen Printed Apparel

Screen printing is a common custom solution for apparel, but Headz n Threadz does a better job of it than anyone out there. And why exactly should you take our word for it? Here are some compelling reasons (a) We use special inks like shimmer, gel, glitter and foil to enhance the visual appeal of your custom designs (b) We used advanced silk screen printing techniques for guaranteed best results (c) We rely on smart design methods, like adding a thin layer of white underneath the design for a bright and eye-catching look as opposed to doubling colors to thicken the designs (most screen printers do this) which end up looking indelicate and rather messy.

Tackle Twill and Lettering - Simple and Effective

Looking sharp or conveying an advertising message was never easier. Headz n Threadz' tackle twill/lettering service makes custom words and Greek letters stand out boldly on your sweatshirt or jacket, exactly the way you want.

Looking for Quality Branded Clothing? Visit Our Store

Our retail store outlet sells apparel, footwear and headwear from some of the best-known brands, which include Adidas, Nike, Reebok, New Era and Majestic to name some. We'd like to give you the confidence and peace of mind knowing that you are investing your hard-earned dollars in a quality product. Another upside is that we can customize top-quality apparel for you affordably and reliably.

Headz n Threadz can help you make a point, market your offering, express yourself, show support for your team, and convey just about anything you desire, through custom apparel designs. We welcome you to our stores and look forward to serving your apparel needs with creativity and integrity.